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Here you can see all the courses that we offer! Whether you are interested in underwater phototgraphy, hunting & collecting, search & recovery, or expanding your training to include advanced rescue skills or diving with Nitrox, NAUI has a specialty course for you!

Beginners programs:

Discover scuba diving

Discover scuba diving is a single dive for those of you how would like to experience something new and different. This program includes brief theoretical instructions and equipment provided by us.

Scuba Diver

Diving can lead to adventures in exotic tropical locales and an exciting lifetime profession anywhere in the world. Choosing NAUI training means you're only satisfied with the very best. NAUI has the highest training standards in the diving industry and NAUI divers enjoy a worldwide reputation for being accomplished underwater explorers where each breath turns a new page in a journey into the unknown.Scuba Diver(more)

Leadership Courses

The Skin Diving Instructor certification (formerly Skin Diving Leader) has long been unique to NAUI. It qualifies individuals to train and certify skin divers and conduct snorkeling experience programs. Both the Assistant Instructor and Divemaster ratings allow individuals to attend an Instructor Training Course (ITC) to be trained and qualified as NAUI Instructors. Completion of an Instructor Preparatory Course (IPC) is recommended prior to participation in an ITC.

Instructor Courses

A NAUI Instructor is a person dedicated to the motto of "Dive Safety Through Education"; a person whom others look to for leadership and knowledge. NAUI has always been and remains today the most prestigious agency focusing on diving instruction. You can share the adventure - and help create it! If you believe your work should be enjoyable and exciting, if you are eager to share your knowledge with others, if you believe that to train the best you must be among the best trained, join the finest. Join the adventure!